Bride wears grandma’s wedding dress from 1961 down the aisle – that she stored in a garbage bag

Allie Livingwater, 23, found a precious gem in a garbage bag in her grandmother’s cellar in 2016. She understood right away that the six-decade-old masterwork would become a part of her life.

Five years later, she realized her goal by marrying the love of her life, Timothy Livingwater, in the antique wedding gown that her grandmother wore on her wedding day 60 years before.

Allie was overjoyed during her September 25 wedding, which was attended by family, friends, and her fiancé of course.

The bride’s lovely grandmother, who was 89 at the time, was delighted to provide the “something old” and “something borrowed” to Allie’s wedding.

Remarkably, the dress, which had been meticulously maintained, was in good condition and fit the new bride flawlessly, with no adjustments required. However, after a thorough cleaning, Allie opted to put a hoop skirt underneath.

The happy grandma couldn’t stop crying as she watched the new bride go down the aisle at Turners Falls on her wedding day. Allie characterized the lovely occasion as one she will cherish for the rest of her life.

She posted images from her wedding day on Facebook, along with a photo of her grandmother wearing the same gown 60 years earlier. The Pharmacy student stated that her wedding day was a dream come true that she will remember for the rest of her life.

Facebook people sent their genuine congrats to the bride and groom in the comments area. Some praised Allie for completing such a meaningful deed, so honouring her grandmother’s connection.

Allie has a stronger bond with her grandma than others. She has lived with her grandma since she was born, as the family moved in with her after her husband died after 38 years of marriage. Despite the fact that she had never met her grandfather, the dress made her feel close to him in some way because her grandmother wore it during their wedding. She elaborated that her grandmother couldn’t believe she was wearing her clothing. She put it in an old garbage bag since she didn’t believe it was worth keeping. But it was to her.

Allie went on to describe how important the clothing was to her because of its connection to her grandfather. The garment, which represented her grandparents’ happy marriage of nearly four decades, prepared the path for the young bride’s own marriage.

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