A man goes out with his friends for the night

A man goes out with his friends for the night. Before he leaves he tells his wife, “I promise I will be home by midnight.” Midnight comes and goes. He finally arrives home at about 3 AM. As he walks in he realizes the cuckoo clock is about to go off.

As it begins to go off he has a flash of genius and decides to coo another 9 times. He sneaks into bed satisfied with himself. The next morning he wakes up and his wife has breakfast made. She doesn’t seem to be mad. Satisfied with himself he asks her, “You sleep okay last night?”

She replies, “Yeah, but we need a new cuckoo clock.” He asks her why and she tells him, “Last night it cooed 3 times, then it yelled, “Crap!” “It cooed another 6 times, farted, and giggled a little bit.” “Finally it cooed 3 more times, farted, and tripped on the carpet.”

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