The Essex Girl Went To The Clinic.

The Essex girl went to the clinic with her newborn for the first time. A rather posh looking lady sat by her side:

After a while the lady introduced herself, telling the girl that this was her third child and she was to be called Samantha, Amanda, Fawcett.

The girl smiled politely and said. "That's nice innit."

The woman carried on. "For my first child my husband gave me a diamond necklace as a gift for being so clever."

To which the girl replied. "That's nice innit?"

"And for my second child, he gave me a fur coat."

The girl nodded politely, "That's very nice, innit?"

The posh lady was well into her stride now. "For this child he's taking me on a cruise."

The Essex girl smiled again, "That's nice innit?"

The posh lady said. "And has your husband given YOU something for the birth?"

"Oh yes." The girl said. "He bought me some elocution lessons."

"Oh and have you learned anything from them?"

"Certainly." The Essex girl said. "I've learned to say 'That's nice innit', instead of fuck off."

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