Funny (Dirty) Joke - His Wife Is In The Shower, So He Tries This - You Wouldn't Believe What Happens


A college professor is experiencing a “slow-down” in his sex-life with his wife…

… so he is trying to figure out how to spice it up. He is hearing that there is a foreign student who has a lot of luck with girls on the campus so he decides to ask him for advice.

“Paolo, how are you doing it?” 

“Well, professor, right before I am about to do it with a girl, I whip my junk out and slam it on a wall 3 times. Girls love it for some reason.”

The professor decides to take the rest of the day off to surprise his wife and have a “romantic” afternoon.

He comes home and hears that his wife is taking a shower. He undresses and walks into the bathroom.

There is steam on the shower glass so his wife is not seeing him just yet…

… He whips out his “package” and slams it on the glass shower door 3 times.

His wife jumps up and down excitedly: “Paolo, is that you?”

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