A Hilarious Joke About Three Men Asking God To Help Them Across A River

Oscar Wilde once eloquently said, “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes” — and boy, was he right!

Making mistakes is human nature. We all make them. But sometimes we have a hard time admitting when we’ve messed up big time, which is a shame, because mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before.

Yet, sometimes you don’t have to make an epic error on your own to benefit from it. Often times we see or hear stories of other people’s slip-ups and we can learn not to follow to do the same. Or, at the very least, improve upon their half-baked decisions.

One story that has had a remarkably powerful affect on me, when it comes to the power of learning from mistakes, is one I’ve known for years. It involves three men building on each other’s blunders until someone finds the perfect way to resolve a difficult problem — and let me tell you, the conclusion is not only 100-percent right, it’s also hilarious!

This story not only has a strong moral, but is also so funny, no one will ever forget it…

Three men were hiking when they came upon a large, raging, violent river.

“Needing to get to the other side, the first man prayed: ‘God, please give me the strength to cross the river.’
God gave him big arms and strong legs. And he was able to swim across in just two hours, though he almost drowned twice!
After seeing that, the second man prayed: ‘God, please give me strength and the tools to cross the river.
God gave him a kayak and strong arms andstrong legs. And he was able to row across the river in about an hour, though he almost overturned once!”
Seeing what happened to the first two men, the third man prayed: ‘God, please give me the strength, the tools, and the intelligence to cross the river’
He was turned into a woman!
She then checked the map, hiked one hundred yards upstream and walked across the bridge.”
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