Daily Joke: Postman Has Conversation with Home Owner after a Big Party Weekend

 One Monday morning, a postman was walking on his routine route to deliver the mails. As he walked on, he noticed that one of the houses had had a great party the other night.

The postman first noticed that both of the cars that belonged to the house owners were parked in the driveway. He wondered why they hadn't gone to work at 11 am on a Monday morning. 

Just then one of the car owners, Bob, came out of the house with a bag full of empty beer and liquor bottles. He looked tired and hungover.

"Looks like someone had a wild, wild party night yesterday, eh?" the postman cheerfully asked. 

Bob waved at him. "We did have a party, but it was on Saturday night. I didn't feel like getting out of the house since Sunday morning," he said.

"Wow, must have been some party!" the postman exclaimed. 

"Yep. We had around fifteen couples from the neighborhood and it got a little wild. We got so drunk that we started playing "Who am I?" at midnight," Bob continued.

"What kind of game is that? Never heard of it before," asked the postman.

"Well, what the guys have to do is get undressed from head to toe and then grab a sheet to cover up the body except for our chests. Then the women are blindfolded and they feel us up and try to guess who we are," explained Bob.

"Damn! Now I'm sorry I couldn't be a part of it," the postman said. 

"Probably a good thing that you weren't a part of it. Your name came up like four to five times."

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